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Born and raised in Los Angeles, I spent most of my younger days taking photos when I wasn’t skating, or playing basketball. It wasn’t until late in High School that I realized why I was carrying a camera with me at all times. My goal was always to capture a moment or place I didn’t want to forget and that led me to transition from the still image to the moving image. I eventually studied filmmaking at ArtCenter College Of Design with an emphasis in directing.


My experience ranges from commercial narrative, branded documentaries and music videos. For me, it doesn't matter what the subject matter is. The opportunity to tell a story is what gets me up in the early mornings and keeps me up late into the nights.


Having started off aspiring to be a cinematographer, I meticulously focus on color and framing to invoke real emotions that an audience can connect with. I aim for all my work to have an authentic feel, while making sure the most important part of the process is never compromised, the story. Creating stories for people to enjoy and relate to is the best part of the job. If I can touch even one person the way other directors have touched me, I’ve accomplished my goal.  


AAF American Advertising Awards 2021 - Silver

One Show/Young Ones ADC 2020 - Merit

Telly Awards 2020 - Silver 

AAF American Advertising Awards 2020 - Gold

AAF American Advertising Awards 2020 - Bronze

Clio Sports Awards 2019 - Bronze 

Telly Awards 2019 - Bronze 

Top Shorts 2018 - Finalist 

AAF American Advertising Awards 2018 - Gold
National American Advertising Awards 2018- Silver 


Because there is no map for where we are going 

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